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MYHEART Patient Data Registry Program

Mission: To create a data registry of over 5,000,000 patients, ages 40 and older, from the general population of patients of participating Primary Care Physicians (PCP).

Should you wish to participate in this program, contact your Primary Care Physician,

make them aware of its existence and direct them to this website.


The goal is to greatly reduce the number of heart related deaths each year, especially among the Sudden Cardiac Death risk population. In addition to saving lives, we will have a dramatic positive effect on the overall cost of healthcare by saving consumers, insurers and the federal government billions of dollars.

We set out to accomplish this by combining DNA analysis with a Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG), working with Primary Care Physicians (PCP), to diagnose cardiovascular disease accurately before it becomes a catastrophic event.


Through this testing, Physicians will discover that they have a number of patients who have non-critical heart disease, which previously went undetected or was unable to be diagnosed, which they will now be able to treat effectively without the need to refer the patient to a cardiologist. 

Purposes of the MYHEART Data Registry Studies:

  • Seed the market with a data registry trial in which more than 8,000 Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) will be involved in and understand the MCG.

  • Enable PCPs to discover coronary artery disease early, and treat it before it becomes a catastrophic event, thus reducing the number of ER visits and deaths.

  • Demonstrate that the MCG is an excellent screening tool to enable the early diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease, which is the number one killer of mankind.

  • Reduce the number of Sudden Cardiac Deaths.

  • Significantly reduce the number of unnecessary stress tests and angiograms.

  • Provide us with more ammunition to convince CMS to award us nationwide reimbursement.

  • Expose a large number of physicians to the uses and value of the MCG device, many of whom will convert to long term customers, providing state-of-the-art preventive care to their patients. 

  • Help develop better patient outcomes and happier patients.

  • Provide the final requirement for the AMA to give us a Category 1 CPT code.

  • Allow us to prove to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) our effect on cost savings as well as impacting the MIPS and MACRA models.

  • Build an incomparable database of patient heart data like never before, comparing the genotype and phenotype of over 5,000,000 patients.

  • Create a foundation for future commercial “big data” products integrating MCG data with genetic, lifestyle, and behavioral data.

  • Improve patient outcomes and quality of life!

The MYHEART Program is the first of its kind to include both Genotype and Phenotype profiles focused on Cardiac Disease. This combined analysis has never been possible before now.

  • Genotype: The genetic constitution of an individual organism.

  • Phenotype: The set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.

In computer terms, the genotype is like your operating system (O/S). Nobody uses 100% of the functionality or subroutines of an O/S but they are there if an application should need them. The O/S governs how your computer will operate and how it interacts with the user. The health of the computer’s O/S is paramount, just like in a human.


The phenotype is the set of your applications and how they interact with each other and the operating system, along with whatever damage a virus may have done to the O/S, and what effects have occurred from the antivirus application you used to fix them. In short, the phenotype is the current status of your computer.


In the human body, the phenotype is the current status of your health and your metabolic condition. In the Myocardial Health Evaluation and Registry Trial, or MYHEART studies, we are focused on the heart or the myocardial system, including your metabolic condition.


Historically, we have all heard how almost everything is genetically related and family history of heart attacks is almost like a prison sentence. That may not necessarily be the case if you interact differently with the environment and have lived a healthier lifestyle, meaning you eat healthier and exercise more regularly than your ancestors. Diet and exercise aren’t all there is to a healthy lifestyle. Stress and water consumption are also huge contributors to living a healthier lifestyle. The MYHEART studies are focused on your phenotype, the current status of your heart and metabolic system, and this has a great deal to do with how healthy your lifestyle has been.


The MYHEART studies will take a cheek swab, for the genetic test portion and utilize the Multifunction Cardiogram® MCG, for the phenotype portion.

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