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The Multifunction Cardiogram®  (MCG) provides a safe,

accurate and non-invasive method to accurately detect and

measure early, intermediate and later stage heart disease in

under ten minutes, without the use of contrast, dyes or radiation.

Non-Invasive Test

For Measuring

Your Heart Health

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The Problem

  • Several hundred thousand people die every year from heart disease that was undetected.

  • There is no accurate testing to detect heart disease before symptoms occur.

  • Ever-increasing undetectable Small Vessel Disease, is a major cause of death in women.

The Solution

  • A test that detects heart disease 8-10 years before symptoms occur

  • A test with no radiation, contrast or dyes that is non-invasive, quick, affordable and is able to detect Small Vessel Disease, Myocarditis and two dozen other cardiovascular issues.

The Method

The Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG).

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